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Quality, Innovation, Style

At Fusion Products, we take pride in our quality, innovation, style and technology of our products, bringing functional, decorative lighting solutions and home décor into everyday life.

Solar Garden

All of our products feature LED and advanced solar technologies for exceptional illumination and extra-long run times. Each solar panel converts sunlight energy into electricity, and replenishes the rechargeable battery during the day. At nightfall, the light switches on automatically, creating a warm, secure and inviting environment.

Solar Recharged

It’s easy to see why solar garden lighting is so popular and practical. You don’t have to pay for electricity, and you don’t need to install any wiring in most cases. Simply take the light out of the box, and put it beside your walkway, in your garden, or any desired location on your property, and you are done.

Latest Collection

Solar garden lights come in many different styles. The commonality between them is that they all get their energy from the sun during the day and come on automatically at night.

Solar Hot Air Balloon String Lights

Product# 25512

Solar Spiral String Lights

Product# 25211

10 Piece Solar Plastic Lantern String Light

Product# 25255

Solar Metal Pineapple String Lights

Product# 24732